About ME

The real question is WHO-AM-I, so here`s a professional run-down of just that:

“My passion lies with the people. With my strong set of values, passionate and committed ethics as a student and leader of love, knowledge, and compassion, I believe I can be the change I want to see in the world and inspire others to be as well.”

 I have been lucky enough to know my values since I was 16: trust, respect and equality. These have guided me to lead a life orientated towards philanthropy and forward-thinking opportunities. I have also been fortunate to have traveled a lot, visiting my hometown Hamburg, Germany often throughout my childhood. This gave me the additional passion of learning languages, and I’m currently fluent in 3 languages: English, German and French, and learning Spanish. Above all I have had the blessing of knowing my purpose in life at such a young age. The hardships I’ve faced in my own life have taught me and shaped me to be the predominant leader and speaker I am today. My career as a leader and public speaker began with 10 year-old Sara-Lynn, competing and winning a provincial speaking competition in Vancouver, Canada. What followed these events built my strong background in both stage presence and proficiency, a highly competitive, even national, dancing career for 17 years and intense involvement with leadership positions throughout middle school and well into university. In high school I became certified as a Red Cross Anti-Bullying facilitator, requiring me to be speaking to all youth of community about the effects of bullying, and my own experience with it as well. Launching, organizing and leading dozens of events supporting the less fortunate of my community was my one true passion in my high school years, and built my confidence in speaking in front of hundreds of people. Transitioning into University, with 17 years I began my Diploma in Global Stewardship and within two short years was one of two students, out of forty, to graduate. During my studies, I volunteered at my local food bank multiple times a week, as well as lead numerous non-profit event to support international causes. Creating several events for Non-Government Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations, required tactical managerial and host positions, which I both embodied and excelled in. My career as a leader was already fully exemplified, as I continued to advise and encourage several projects outside of school to support entrepreneurship and young leadership skills within my municipal. Shortly after graduating at the age of 19, I received a scholarship from the University of California (UCLA), for a leadership intensive course in the summer of 2016. It was in this time period that I learned the importance of self-love, and more importantly that it is my life`s purpose to show, share, teach and speak out about the significance of self-love in our daily lives. It is my true desire to guide humanity to learn more about their passions and purpose in life through self-love. A month later I continued my academic career in completing my bachelor in International Relations, and the following month I launched my first consulting company SLBHERO, which supported youth and young adults between the ages 16 and 26 in finding out who they are and how self-love is the key to building a solid foundation in life. This lead me to the opportunity of my first TEDx talk in January 2017, which solidified my ambition and strong belief that public speaking is what I need to do for the rest of my life. A few short months later I took a massive leap of faith—an act of self-love, and moved away, all on my own, across the Atlantic Ocean, stepping outside of my comfort zone, to simply grow as a person. Traveling solo to several countries within Europe, living alone, becoming a certified fitness instructor and lastly starting a life from scratch in Berlin fabricated me in the most positive way possible. Presently I am building version 2.0 of my company, while transcribing in a vulnerable manner my journey since the big move through my blog, and shaping my personal brand though open and honest social media postings. Creating this drastic change in my life has given me the ability to hone my talents as a speaker, refocus on my skills as a story-teller, and build confidence in the leader I am.