The only bad work out.

“the only bad workout is the one you didn’t show up for” I state bluntly.

She sits, stunned by the phrase as the Bahn continues to move North. She shrugs nervously and lets out a small laugh.

“It`s true, because the way I see it if you made the effort to even just SHOW up, then you are already a winner. What happens to the guy that didn’t show up?”

Her eyes move around quickly; she gazes at me inquisitively.

“Well, it’s obvious he doesn’t get the same result, whether it’s for the mind, body or soul, he didn’t get it. Even if it’s a shit workout, it`s okay, he showed up, he did what he could do that day.”

“Interesting” she replies.

The Bahn comes to a full halt, and I say goodbye to her… I wish I could explain it more to her but as I walk out and the doors close behind me I consider the concept further.

See the more I think about it the more I realize that there is this huge expectation on people from society, from friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, from people that you have to be completely consistent with something like the gym for example. There are many examples but let`s talk about this one for now. Not only are we hard on ourselves with constant negative talk about NOT achieving something – a goal, then on top of that we deal with “letting down” the people in and out of our circle. So I want to throw out a reality check to everyone, if you`ve shown up then you`ve won half the game – whatever game your playing, the game of life, the game of love, the game of labor, the game of grinding, the game of whatever. Winning the second half is ALWAYS DOING YOUR PERSONAL BEST – write this one down ladies and gentlemen its one for the books – this is the single best advice I have ever internalized and the best way to NEVER regret anything in life. Fact.                                                                                                                                                                                   So now let`s talk about the fact that it`s the end of February, a month and a half since we made perhaps ridiculous New Years Resolutions, or genuine ones and got sidetracked, its time to be REALISTIC- and the best way to do that is literally just finding out which one of your resolutions is in your hands with 100% effort of your personal best. I think there`s this crazy pressure from society, and frankly, it`s overrated. DO YOU. Because your personal best is a thousand times more authentic and BETTER than whatever else you are doing or were planning on doing or whatever anyone else says. I think this quote really sums it up:

“Start with where you are, with what you have because what you have is plenty.”

It reminds you to be grateful which is a huge key to happiness, purpose and living a full life – then it reminds you of the resources that are at your fingertips- and finally re-installs the confidence you need to have faith in your own skillset, your own talents and your own time (things money can`t buy). I love this, it goes back to the roots and that’s what we need in this crazy world, in this world full of expectations, in this society full of doubt. So this is why I don’t buy into this whole resolution bullshit because YES goals matter, YES achieving your vision is important but there is NO reason why you should be killing yourself because of it, because of anyone else BUT you. IF you show up when you need to, and then give your personal best I can almost guarantee SOMETHING positive will come of it.

So moral of the story: the only bad workout is the one you didn’t show up for.

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