How to HACK failure.

It’s REALLY easy – You don’t.

Not only should you NOT avoid failure, but if you DO then you are actually doing yourself the greatest disfavor in YOUR LIFE, and I`m not being dramatic.

Here`s what people don’t get about failure, it’s your greatest asset to have experienced failure and survive it. It sets you apart from all the other mofos out there who are trying to avoid, failure, pain, hurt, disappointment, anger, whatever pushes you to FEEL something uncomfortable. Because if you can feel all of those things and keep going – with life – then you are already accomplishing something great. Have pride in that.

IF you are one of those who avoid, sorry not sorry, its time to grow some, its time to step up, its time to let go of the fear. You’re not going to break if you experience failure, and if you do its no one’s fault except your own. Truly. It’s your own feelings, your thoughts, your life – so if you choose to dive into hiding or into a breakdown and STAY there then it’s on you. Living in your comfort zone is going to be just that- comfortable, and frankly boring af. But hey- if that’s what you’re into YOU DO YOU man, but all I`m saying is that you are missing out.

Failure teaches you resilience, it teaches you who you are and what you are made of. So meet yourself, take a chance: plummet hard or soar high, either way, there WILL be a massive take away, I can PROMISE that- and I don’t promise a lot.

My experience: 

Failure taught me so much in my life, and I have it to thank for the perseverance I have to this day. As someone who danced competitively for years, I have won and I have lost, but the biggest take away for me was when I realized that each performance I did until I was 16 felt like little failures because I did it with half of my heart, it was never MY best because I never even tried giving my 100% during the performances… because of what exactly? Failure- to others, to myself, judgment by anyone and everyone. And honestly, I didn’t realize ANY of this until I joined my high school dance club- slightly pitiful I know… but it took the pressure, the doubt, the FEAR away and for the first time EVER I danced wholeheartedly and didn’t care about the failure that could be or the judgment that happened anyways because in those moments all that mattered was my heart, my body, and the stage. Failure didn’t stop me, and the results didn’t hurt me they pushed me to be greater. Don’t fear failure, love failure.


NEXT: Failure does NOT define you.

I`m good at “school”. At least that’s what I thought, but honestly, I have failed. And probably at the worst point in my life that I could- university. At the time I felt like a failure, I wasn’t capable, I didn’t have what it took to be a good student, I was not enough – the classic. And it took, honestly, failing three more courses to realize that my self-worth should NOT depend on a mark, on a letter, on the result of my knowledge in an extremely high-stress environment, performing during an emotional state of mind, or really ANYTHING. No one decides what I am worth except myself. School is such a strange concept to me still, and the more I think about it the more I doubt its credibility- but that’s for another article- in the end, I learned through failure that I am the boss of my confidence. And I mean I still have a degree so… fight me.


Failure is a tool. Don’t reject it, accept it. Don’t hack it, invite it. The more you learn from not only your failures but others the closer you get to the BEST you.

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