To the people that live life 100

Thank you, because YOU are the ones that inspire me, the ones that make me feel a little less crazy to want THE DREAM- as much as I want to breathe, the ones that try so extremely hard in all aspects of their life to succeed on their own personal terms, the ones that prove to me each time I need a reminder that indeed I have to keep giving 100- if I want to reach my dream life.

I could give names but I think you know who you are- they are the ones that even back when 16-year-old Sara was wandering around with oddly ambitious goals and extreme self-awareness (humble I know) told me that it was ALLOWED to want more than average. At 17 reassured me that the sky was in fact NOT the limit but that the there was NO limit, and encouraged my goals. With 19 told me I was made for more, saw not only my potential but ME and all the change that I could bring to the planet with my ideas, and thereafter drawing with me the timeline for my goals. And finally with 20, meeting countless souls who understood me in such a unique and deep way that I knew living life 100 was paying off. And finally meeting my match, inspiring me to work harder, to believe harder and to find myself even deeper every single day, and seeing my vision for my future as clearly as I do. Thank you to you all.

Thank you for the extraordinary people who I can’t reach or touch, but have had the chance to hear through the wonderful invention of media. Inspiring me to recognize living 100 is MY way to LIVE a fulfilling life. Let me name drop a little: Gary Vee, DRock, Casey Neistat, Candice Pool, Karlie Kloss, Ashley Graham and Gabby Bernstein.

2017 is ending, and all I can think of is this concept of living life 100 and how this relates to bringing you’re absolute A-game to the game that is life. How living 100 is the perfect recipe (for me) to be happy. You are what made me find happiness and understand what I have to do to get it. I mentioned this in my depression article, how I can’t DO average because it makes me not only depressed but also a little crazy. The thing is- I always end up craving for more. 2017 gave me a taste of what this ‘more’ really means. It showed me more countries than I can count on one hand, it gave me the chance to learn about independence, it pushed me to go for more by moving from all that I knew, it confirmed my faith in the universe and things- especially in the last few days- have been lining up for the new year, I can really see how this simple tool of gratitude has changed, shaped and grown my world from a year ago today. I am on a different playing field now (humble I know).  But truly compared to where I was emotionally, spiritually, mentally, even physically I am SO very transformed. I am 21, I’m in my 20-somethings now and the year it starts is 2018. I`m not proclaiming how ‘amazing’ the next year will be BUT I am saying that there are some pretty miraculous things happening already and that without the help of everyone that supported me in 2017 this coming year of 2018 would not even be a smidgen close to its increasingly positive and kick-ass vibe- that I`m already feeling. The feeling that if I give 2018 MY 100 then I have a chance. A chance at the most happiness I`ve ever felt. But without the knowledge of ‘the 100 life’, I wouldn`t really know where to start…

So again, thank you. Because of you mofos out there, who live 100 and try 100 ALL the god damn time, make it possible for me to keep my head up and look for more, or put my head down and put in the work, or just “keep on-keep on”. Thank you for giving 100 percent effort all the time. Thank you for giving it your all, thank you for multitasking 24/7 to make your life a composition of 100. Thank you for being 100 with yourself. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for showing me that giving 100 leaves no room for regrets, no room for laziness, no room for aimless wandering, no room for wasted time, no room for anything that isn’t being 100 YOU. Thank you for reminding me that 100 is the only way that I can do life. You guys are the ones that make IT happen. Thank you. I know what I have to do in 2018.

“progress is the only thing that will last” – Childish Gambino

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