the advice of “loving yourself first” 

So I recently read a post about the annoyance of “love yourself first” … and I was shocked. Why on god’s green earth would it be annoying to hear someone or EVERYONE telling you “love yourself”?! It really stuck with me, and as I continued my days I realized OKAY maybe, possibly there is a chance that if someone were to tell you repeatedly that it is important to love yourself that it would, in fact, get annoying. THAT being said I cannot agree that it wouldn’t do any good. Here`s my thinking, first of all repetition is KEY. Just think back to that movie- the karate kid, He became the best by repeating over and over and over again. Practice does make perfect; Michael Jordan think so too. So if we repeat “I love myself” a couple hundred times a day or a week, do you think it would make a difference? I don’t know for sure, but I`m 98% sure, that it will. It similar to the psychology of smiling when you are angry or sad – not in a scary creepy way but in an honest to god- “I’m just trying to see the god damn positive” kind of smile. It`ll change your attitude for sure, give perspective and make you become distracted.
So I get that it`s annoying but man, whoever is telling you to love yourself is truly looking out for you, and means well – just like me constantly telling everyone to love themselves, but its honestly true when they say “if you love yourself everything else will fall into place”, truly and I can say this 100% guarantee it, because loving myself has given me everything good in my life. Loving yourself is just so god damn applicable to everything. No joke, there is no way around it. Once I started making decisions for myself, putting my happiness first, massive changes occurred, some painful but hey no pain no gain, but the rest has been just incredible.

I honestly just can’t stress enough how much loving yourself will help improve your over all happiness and how everything else just stems from there. Moving was so unbelievably difficult, and to this day I still think about the sacrifices, I`m still processing a lot but the people and opportunities that have waltzed into my life have given me so much joy and love, and reassurance- above all- that the sacrifices I made in order to love myself full heartedly were worth it. If you make decisions authentic to you, then you give YOURSELF the the chance to grow, and learn more about yourself, things you never even dreamed that you could do, or even become. GIVE yourself permission to live your life.

All I’m saying is that loving yourself will make the difference, and most certainly make the man of your desire appear or that dream job become available, or that well deserved vacation become a reality. It will also grant you the opportunities you subconsciously seek the most in your life. It`ll all come true. I promise, and I don’t promise anything ever. It came true for me.

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