The predicament of ALWAYS wanting perfection…

Perfection DOES NOT equal RESULTS.

I recently figured out that wanting literally perfection in everything that I was attempting to produce was LITERALLY exactly what was standing in my way of getting ANYTHING DONE. The issue with being someone like me, and generally all perfectionists in the world, our VISION ends up being more important than the actual process of getting – whatever it may be- out into the world. Digging even deeper, I have noticed that the “PERFECT card”, that I often like to play, really has a couple underlying issues. Let’s talk about the real root of the issue:

  1. It begins with the EGO, or a nicer word – pride, well since I personally have a very clear idea of what I want in general, and what I imagine putting out into the world in terms of content, captions, pictures, Snapchat or Instagram stories, the over-thinking goes into overdrive and I will not settle for anything beneath perfection. BECAUSE – beneath perfection is compromising my pride or I would even go as far as to say my morals.
  2. Perfection is the easiest excuse to AVOID failure. Avoiding getting whatever is “not yet perfect” is the best way to not face head on the judgement you make about yourself or others. Waiting, thinking and considering all 200 possible reactions or ways that a situation could go makes working on it to perfection a lot MORE tempting. But lets cut the shit – your just afraid, or at least I am (was) of FAILURE and how to tackle that is an entirely different article BUT as I always say, awareness is key. Failure is okay. Failure teaches you. Failure makes you grow.
  3. Perfection isn’t really ALWAYS an admirable trait, believe it or not. Ever known that one person who legit is constantly 100% in control and flawless, VERY COOL but very unauthentic if you ask me. Well without sounding incredibly cocky, I used to be that person, or at least be told that I was THAT person. Always having it “together” is not half as fun as it sounds. I now believe very strongly in the RAW, and the vulnerability of a person. And I would choose 100 times over to fail in front of you or ANYONE, then to carry on as whatever the hell ‘perfect’ means. Perfection drives people away, and honestly perhaps being vulnerable is too REAL for people, but I like to stand for that I believe in rather than believing a bullshit life. You choose.

In the end, I realized that perfection is a deception, a trick of society, something that makes you attempt to be something you’re not. And why on God’s green earth should we be something we are not? So I vote, BE HUMAN, be raw, be real.

I don’t care if you’re on the floor crying, or dying or happiest person who just wants to sing from the rooftops, just be true to you because at the end of the day you just have yourself, that’s it.

Make THAT version of you count.


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