Living Alone

I’m going to write part of this now, and I’m sure in a few months’ time I`ll come back to this and most likely reinstate or further expand on the real DEPTH gained during my time living alone, or the process of how its helped me (in the future).

BUT FIRST…Living on your own makes you face a lot of stuff. I repeat A LOT. Most expect the process to be a real ‘learning curve’, but I am as you may have noticed WAY more focused on the emotional growth that is gained in the process. Above all the past three-ish months have taught me one very essential thing, that will come across as pretty harsh:

Born alone. Die alone.

For those who like sugar on top of things here it is:

You must always be your own best friend FIRST.

And for those who are very closely following my story you know what’s coming right? Summed up into 2 words on the how-to: Love yourself.

You are forced to focus only on YOU, and for me, this means discovering all part of myself and loving each part wholeheartedly. This is 100% the most important thing because once you get to this point in your life where you are completely there for yourself no matter what, EVERYTHING is possible. There is nothing limiting you anymore, you are limitless.

Let me share a small nugget of emotional rawness with you, something that truly helped me in the process of making those tough choices, moving, and living life all ON MY OWN;

I NOW know that no matter what happens to ME as a person, I WILL BE OKAY.

Having that confidence, faith, and PURE belief that I can handle anything that comes towards me, and move forward from it is one of the most beautiful and satisfying feelings I have ever felt in my life. The ability to know, that no matter hard I fall I can pick myself up, dust myself off and keep walking is literally, I believe, what dreams are fucking made of. Anything is possible. Once you reach this level of knowing and fully understanding that you are 100% responsible for yourself, your entire OUTLOOK changes, suddenly it becomes really fucking clear that you have no other option but to take care of yourself. Accept everything about yourself, because you are in a lifelong commitment with yourself, everything you build for yourself is a result of the choices you make and those WILL, I swear to you, be reflected within your life. SO put in the time, put in the effort, because of your STUCK with YOU for a long ass time, might as well get used to loving every single cell, thought, emotion within yourself.

Living alone has made this, even more, solidify within my perspective of life, and as a result, I have watched how the universe has literally hand delivered things to me. And now I am growing more and more grateful every day for the little signs of progress in my life, the things I am able to do on completely on my own and finding a strong sense of pride because of it. Do yourself the favor and spend that extra 10 minutes or couple hours swimming in your own thoughts, there are a lot of answers already within yourself, you just have to allow yourself space, time and focus to hear them. No one else is more there for you then yourself.

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