DAY 30

It’s been exactly 4 weeks since I stepped onto a plane and left my entire life behind family, friends, my then boyfriend, my part-time jobs, and in sum, my home. And yes, you’re going to hear the classic: “It’s been the most rewarding experience of my life”, because… well, it’s simply true! I went with no strong sense of direction regarding the future (which for me, someone who loves to plan, was insane) but I knew that I moved from Vancouver, Canada to Berlin, Germany to follow these main themes: push myself outside of my comfort zone, challenge myself to grow, and become the best version of myself. This is my short rundown of struggle and glory.

First, let me fill in a little backstory: I was born in Hamburg, Germany and immigrated a short 15 months later to Vancouver (or for locals Vancity), a vibrant, nature orientated but an internationally driven city. I grew up in the mountainous suburb-like area called Port Moody. I could hike 10 minutes from my house and be standing on top of a mountain overlooking a gorgeous view of the lower mainland, and then walk downhill 10 minutes, jump in a kayak and be paddling in the ocean — essentially, a little bit of everything. It was, as you’re probably thinking, perfection. This city thrived with opportunity, promoted a balanced life, but it didn’t give me that iconic “BUZZ”. What buzz do you ask? Well, I’m no coffee consumer, however, I do know that each city has a buzz, a certain feeling, and for me that buzz only came when I did something that pushed me outside my comfort zone, and Vancouver was not cutting it. It was a hard truth, especially when everything in my life was so customary, comfortable and composed. So when I realized, for many reasons, that my life after three years was ultimately going in a circle, a change had to be installed by no one other than myself. I sold nearly everything, worked, enjoyed the last few moments with my amazing and supportive boyfriend of the time, and my wonderful and positive friends. Don’t get me wrong, I realize how lucky I am for receiving so much support, and I truly am grateful, but something in me was yearning for MORE, my life as I always say: needs to be extraordinary, not ordinary. I also always knew I would return in some shape or form to my second home — Europe. The whole continent speaks to me, for the smallest and biggest reasons: the fact that reusable bags have been used by Germans since the 1920s, the adorable cars and streets that are two times smaller than the average Canadian ones, and above all, everything is so damn close. You can jump on a plane and fly to Italy, Spain or Switzerland for the week or even weekend. In my eyes that’s amazing, that is living extraordinarily.


This move wasn’t an easy one by any means though. Primarily, getting myself on that plane was a priority, then came the constant fighting of tears on the plane, and in countless other moments in the following weeks. It has been one of the hardest processes I have ever endured. However, to be honest, and frank, the pros have outweighed the cons to such an extreme extent, I never could have imagined how quickly I would be living my dream life. The process has made me so sure that although I’m alone, this is MY path, the one I needed to continue walking no matter what. In the first few weeks, I was constantly reminded to be patient, and I can openly admit, I am the least patient person I know, but the more I pushed through the sleepless nights, worries about unknown future endeavors, the more I began to realize little by little how things were truly blooming, and ultimately bringing me to this point where I am now: fulfilled with self-love and happiness. Now, after 30 days, I have a bike (an essential in Berlin), have applied for university, a social insurance number (pretty official eh?), two jobs, an amazing apartment (built 116 years ago), a very small but tightly knit support system (made up of old and young individuals), long distance friendships that I am confident will last, and most importantly my super badass resilience (what more could one ask for?).

And in the end, I have realized this simple truth: If you know and are confident, deep inside yourself, that no matter WHAT you’re going to be OKAY, regardless of what that looks or feels like, then you have the ability to do anything and everything that this world has to offer.

That’s it. That’s all.

So now, 4 weeks later, I’m back on a plane, this time for a quick trip to Greece to rejuvenate and recharge. This is my life now. Whatever your vision in life is, it’s possible. Trust me. I’m doing it, so can you.


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