My passion lies with people & guiding them to embody a self-love lifestyle. With my strong set values, passionate and committed ethics as a student and leader of wellness, fitness, and philanthropy I am aiming each day to inspire and be inspired. Self-love begins with ourselves and once illuminated it transfers, transforms and transcribes into every corner of our lives

 I have been lucky enough to know my values since I was 16: trust, respect, and equality. These have guided me to lead a life orientated towards philanthropy and forward-thinking opportunities. I have also been fortunate to have traveled a lot, visiting my hometown Hamburg, Germany often throughout my childhood in Vancouver, Canada.  With the hardships I’ve faced in my own life I have had the blessing of knowing my purpose in life at such a young age which in turn taught me and shaped me to be the predominant leader I am today. I learned the importance of self-love, and more importantly that it is my life`s purpose to show, share, teach and speak out about the significance of self-love in our daily lives.

It is my true desire to guide humanity to learn more about themselves, their passions, and purpose in life through the process of self-love.