My passion lies with people & guiding them to embody a self-love lifestyle. With my strong set values, passionate and committed ethics as a student and leader of self-love, fitness, and philanthropy I am aiming each day to inspire myself and those around me. Self-love begins with ourselves and once illuminated it transfers, transforms and transcribes into every corner of our lives

 I have been lucky enough to know my values since I was 16: trust, respect, and equality. These have guided me to lead a life orientated towards philanthropy and forward-thinking opportunities. I have also been fortunate to have traveled a lot, visiting my hometown Hamburg, Germany often throughout my childhood in Vancouver, Canada.  With the hardships I’ve faced in my own life I have had the blessing of knowing my purpose in life at such a young age which in turn taught me and shaped me to be the predominant leader I am today. I learned the importance of self-love, and more importantly that it is my life`s purpose to show, share, teach and speak out about the significance of self-love in our daily lives.

It is my true desire to guide humanity to learn more about themselves, their passions, and purpose in life through the process of self-love.

I am the type of person who REALLY tries to ‘walk the talk NOT just talk the talk’ so I took a massive leap of faith—an act of self-love if you will – and moved to Berlin, all on my own, across the Atlantic Ocean, far far away from all that I knew… why you may ask? Well, I figured if I ever wanted to grow and become the best version of myself I needed to do something completely outside of my comfort zone. Traveling solo to several countries within Europe, living alone, becoming an internationally certified fitness instructor and lastly starting a life from scratch in Berlin fabricated the ME you are getting to know right now… The ME that is ready to bring absolute fire and thunder to illuminate your path to a self-love lifestyle!

After much thought, trial runs and meditation I am presently building the 2.0 of my company ‘THE SL METHOD’ (which I originally launched three years ago) while transcribing in a vulnerable manner my journey since the “big move” through MY BLOG, and using open and honest social media postings to build my personal brand. Creating this drastic change in my life has given me the ability to hone my skills and talents while continuously teaching me to stay humble, positive and start fulling committing to loving what I do and doing what I love. Join me on my journey & let me guide you to a self-love lifestyle!